The basis of my work is passion: Passion for people, places and memories. Passion mixed with nostalgia.
A passion generates love from me to the photographed and tries to get their love back.
Ever since I was a child, I’ve been carrying my father’s camera around – on my neck. As a child, I got a Pentax K1000 from my uncle in America.
Since then, the world and I have a passionate affair. I never stop and rest, always seek for something I have not seen before, a new experience.
I love photography and fall in love with people through it. It is how I transfer my love to them. It is how I make love with life.
The choice of photography events (the different types) in parallel to art, gives me the opportunity to create an integration between them, the perfect combination between the “practical” and the “artistic”.
A combination which blurs the boundaries at some point and you can no longer tell which is which.
At that exact moment – when the boundaries are blurring – it happens: that’s where the magical meeting binds me and the photographed.
I love what I do, my art, and my craft. It is great love and I wish to give it to those surrounding me today and to those who will join tomorrow.